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I created this woodworking site map because I have more pages than I can fit in the Nav Bar. Check back for the latest updates (better yet sign up for my RSS feed and / or newsletter).

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Woodwork for Sale

The links below are for the woodwork I have for sale at the moment, or that I have recently sold.

Custom Boxes
Pet Urns
Gift Ideas
Wood Clocks
Walnut Box
Cherry Jewelry Box
Walnut & Mahogany Jewelry Box
Jewelry Armoire
Shaker boxes
Cheese / Cutting Boards
Knife Block
Chess / Checkers Table
Gift Ideas

Woodshop News Ezine

Woodshop News is my Ezine all about wood, woodworking and unrelated topics of interest that strike my fancy at the time of writing. In theory it comes out once a month.

Wood Shop News (sign up here)
Wood Shop News (read back issues)

Famous Boxes

Famous Boxes
Pandora's Box
Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk

Box Styles

Shaker Boxes
Bandsaw Boxes
Jewelry Boxes
Pet Memorial Boxes

Make a Box

Make a Box
Making Shaker Boxes
Making Bandsaw Boxes
Jewelry Box Design
Jewelry Box in Progress (Part 1)
Jewelry Box in Progress (Part 2)
Revising a Jewelry Box
Customize a Gift

Trees and Wood Characteristics

About Wood
Wood Movement
Milling Lumber (saw mills)
Common N. American Wood Species
Wood Burls
Figured Wood
About Trees
Wood Characteristics
Tree Structure

Women and Woodworking

Modern Women Woodworkers
History of Women and Wood

Tools and Joinery

Woodworking Joinery
Miter Joints
Routing Stiles
Biscuit Joinery
Hand Cut Dovetails
Machine Cut Dovetails
Cutting Mortises

Tools for a Home Shop
About Saws
Types of Table Saws
About Bandsaws
Bandsaw Blades
Tool Use Basics


Preventing Kickback


Lumber Dimensions
Engineered Wood
Lumber rating and Sizes
Different Types of Glue

Various How-To

Woodworking Questions and Answers
Sharpening Chisels (Part 1)
Sharpening Chisels (Part 2)
Book Matching
Buying Lumber
Sanding Tips
Make Jewelry Box Dividers
Basic Woodturning
Building a Woodshed

Links and Other Good Stuff

About the Shakers
Green Woodworking
Interesting Links
Woodworking Search
Woodworking Classes
Creative Woodworking


Bio of the Woodworker
Contact Me
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Please note: woodworking is potentially dangerous. Please read my woodworking disclaimer before using any information on this site or any site you may be directed to from here.

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