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About the woodworker

woodworking FAQs:
Q: Is there a box maker behind this site?

A: Yes. My name is Kate and I'm the woodworker, president, janitor and chief bottle washer of Kate Taylor Creative Woodworking. I started this site because it's a great way to combine two of my great loves: writing and woodworking. I do everything on this site from writing to designing to publishing (with the help of Site Build It the program I use to build this site).

You can read more about me on my bio page  and more about my business at: Creative Woodworking.

Q: How did you learn woodworking?

A: I've learned mostly on the job. I started with carpentry (I made my first dovetail with a chainsaw when I was working for a carpenter making custom log homes). I then moved on to cabinets. From those jobs I learned the basics, especially about tool use. I also read a lot and have taken several workshops. Taken all together it seems to have been enough to turn me into a woodworker and each day I learn more.

How to Purchase woodwork

Q: I'd like to buy a box. Where should I go to see what you have for sale?

A: You can check out my Etsy site to see what I have for sale, including boxes and more.

Q: I don't see what I'm looking for, do you do custom work?

A: Of course. I enjoy working with customers to design the item them are looking for, whether it is a box with a specific purpose (a display box for glasses, or a storage place for a collection of pipes) or a piece of furniture. I have made jewelry boxes of various types, urns for both people and pets, kitchen items from cutting boards to knife racks. I've also made some more unique items, including a bird house to match a house in a photograph, a chess box to fit a handmade chess set, a display for an annual flower show and many more things besides.

cherry jewelry box
bird house
urn for pet ashes
heart box, figured walnut
custom bathroom vanity
processional cross
cribbage boards
flower arrangement

I made the stand, the design and the flower arrangement were by Beverly Huchins.

About the Site

Q: Your site has over 60 pages, how do I find all the hidden gems?

A: Check out the site map. I try to keep it up to date with all the newest pages. I organize them by category so it is easier to see what's where. It's the best way to find all my pages.

Q: What is Wood Shop News?

A: It's my monthly newsletter / e zine. I write about work in progress, various tips and woodworking techniques. Then I splurge and add an article on whatever happens to strike my fancy, usually, but not always unrelated to woodworking. You can sign up for Wood Shop News through this link. You can also check out back issues if you're already signed up but you missed one or two.

Q: How do you support this site?

A: I'm partially supported by the "tip jar" that I have on various pages, but I depend mostly on referrals and custom work from visitors. (Feel free to click on the icon above right).

Learning More

Q: I'd like to learn more, where shall I go?

A: If you are in Central Vermont you can take classes at my shop. You can also contact me if you have a specific question and I will try and answer it. Be aware it may take a while for me to get back to you.

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For those who are interested in this site check out the links and let me know if there is a topic you would like to see me cover.

Please note: woodworking is potentially dangerous. Please read my woodworking disclaimer before using any information on this site or any site you may be directed to from here.

Thanks for visiting.

woodworking FAQs: