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Everything you wanted to know about wood, but didn't think to ask....

This section of my website is filled with information about both lumber and trees. I also can't resist throwing in a few extras, such as how maple sugar is made.

So, if you want to learn all about trees, lumber, properties of various species and other bits of information check out the links below.

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about wood

About Trees: An over view of tree growth. Trees are fascinating living structures that are essential for life. They provide shelter, food and even the oxygen we breath.

about wood

Lumber Characteristics: A huge topic that I add to as inspiration hits.

Photosynthesis: A truly incredible process whereby trees "breath." This is the reason we literally can't live without trees and forests.

Going Green: As a box maker, indeed as a human being, I feel it is incumbent on me to do what I can to lower my "footprint." One of the reasons I like working with wood is that it feels to me as if it still retains life. Unlike plastic or rock, for instance, the idea of a slab of walnut or cherry (like the photo above) makes me feel closer to the world. Hey, some like cities, I like a grove of birch trees near a river.

Figured wood: "Figure" refers to the way the grain looks. As a box maker I love grain patterns. I consider the figure of a board to be as important (sometimes more) as the species. I often base my box design on the grain of the wood as much as anything.
Wood Burls: Burls look like warts on the side of a tree and can be gorgeously figured when opened. It's a treat to find a beautiful burl.

Milling Lumber: How lumber is prepared at a saw mill. It's an interesting process and helpful to know about when choosing lumber for a project.

Plywood and Engineered Lumber: Solid wood isn't the only choice. Sometimes ply or another engineered material is a better option to use.

Lumber dimensions: Learn the lingo at the lumber yard. Here you can find out the difference between actual and nominal sizes as well as learn how to figure out board feet.

Buying lumber: What to look for when buying your project material. As with the topics above this is the sort of information that can save you time and money. If you know what to look for in a board - or more to the point, what to avoid, it can prevent you returning to your shop with an expensive piece of kindling.

Maple syrup: In case you are interested in how it's made, here is a site to check out.

about wood

For those who are interested in this site check out the links and let me know if there is a topic you would like to see me cover.

Please note: woodworking is potentially dangerous. Please read my woodworking disclaimer before using any information on this site or any site you may be directed to from here.

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