seams buckle when clamped together

clamping while gluing

clamping while gluing

I am making 2 step back cupboards,when I glue the pine boards together, with biscuits, and apply pressure with clamps, the seam buckles, or raises up, when pressure is applied. What can I do to prevent this.

Many thanks,

Hi Mike,

There are a couple things you can do. You might be applying too much pressure to the clamps. Try backing off the clamps a bit and see if that helps.

Another possibility is that your biscuits aren't perfectly centered and one of the boards is flipped so the biscuits don't line up in the joint. In that case you just need to make sure your boards are clearly marked so you are referencing the same face when cutting your biscuits (all cuts with the biscuit joiner on the inside face, for example).

If you can't find the problem you can always clamp a couple boards crosswise to your joint, like in the photo above. You can buy clamps like the ones pictured (which are nice because they clamp both down and across at the same time), but I just joint a couple boards so they have a nice flat edge and clamp them in place.

A piece of wax paper under the boards keeps them from sticking to the cauls if you have any glue squeeze-out.

Hope this helps.

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