question about a pedestal i am building


i am making a pedestal for a washer and dryer that is 60 inches long out of 2 by 4s.

the side boards are 60 inches long with (5) 2 by 4 cross pieces that are 28 inches long. I got everything completely square but its not level to the floor, it rocks.

what did i do wrong and is there a way to correct it? you can have 2 people stand on each corner and it goes down flat and i guess the washer and dryer would make it lay flat, hopefully.


My first guess was that the floor isn't level, in which case you could stick a couple shims under the low spots to even it out.

However, if it straightens out when weight is put on it, my next guess is that the 2 x 4 lumber isn't straight. It is pretty common for 2 x 4 lumber to be warped by the time it gets to the customer.

You probably have one or two boards that are twisted enough to pull the whole thing out of square. That would be why the weight straightens it back out.

You have several options to fix it. You could just put the washer & drier on the base and then check it with a level. With luck the weight of the machines will flatten it right out correctly.

You could also check the boards and see if you can tell which is twisted and replace it / them. You should still check for level even if the base is square on the floor, because the chances are good your floor isn't level.

A final option is to leave the base as it is and level it with shims before you put the washer and drier on it. You can have someone stand on the corners as you level it to make sure it's laying flat.

Whichever way you decide to go, remember that the more level the base is the less likely the washer and / or drier will "walk" off.

Good luck.

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