Jewelry Box Design

Thinking about what you want for your jewelry box design is essential before making a jewelry box. It can also be useful if you are buying a box.

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This is a huge subject because pretty much anything can be used as a jewelry box.

So, to make it easier to handle, I'm going to break it into steps.

The first thing to do when making (or buying) any box is to think about purpose.

That means you need to have a sense of what you want to use your box for. It may seem obvious - jewelry, clearly. But it's worth thinking a bit further.

small bandsaw box
earring box

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

* What, specifically is it for? Necklaces? Rings? Earrings? A watch collection? All of the above?

* Are you looking for something to hold everything or just a few pieces?

* Do you want a presentation box for a particular item, or a maybe as a gift?

* Do you have a place in mind, do you want to match the top of your dresser, for instance?

* Do you have a particular wood you like?

Thinking along these lines will help you decide about size and shape and perhaps color. You might have decided that you want something with a ring roll, or necklace hangers, or maybe you want to make it out of maple to match an existing side table.

This leads to questions about style:

* Do you want something formal, casual, artistic, traditional?

* Do you have a particular period or style that you like?

* Would you prefer a free standing armoire or a simple box that you can pick through as needed?

As you can see, my advice is to think about what you are after before you start your project. Answering these questions will help insure that you design or buy just the box you are looking for.

The next step, if you are making your own is to think about joinery and that you can find in the following article:

woodworking joinery.

wooden box
walnut jewelry box
stack of boxes

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