How to treat the finish on my bar at home.

by Kevin
(Wauconda, Illinois)

Q: I have 3 coats of Waterlox on my bar. It has a great shine and feels quite smooth to the touch.

What is the best way to finish it now? Should I sand it? If so, should I then apply another final coat of Waterlox?




If you are satisfied with the finish you can leave it.

However, Tung Oil (I assume that is what your Waterlox finish is) is one of those finishes that looks better and better the more coats you put on. Also, a bar will be exposed to water so it won't hurt to add another coat (or two).

So, if you feel so inclined you can sand your bar, lightly, with 400 grit paper then put on one (or more) coat(s).

Tung oil is a great finish and the more coats the better. I suppose you could put on too many coats, but I haven't seen it.

The important thing is to put it on in thin coats and let it dry thoroughly between coats. I usually leave it at that, but you could also add a thin coat of wax over the final coat of tung oil if you want.

Sounds like a nice project.

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