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I'm recycling some fruit boxes obtained from my local market. The corner pieces are triangular shaped fillets (see above image).

How can I safely cut these in half lengthways: ie make two triangular section out of one piece?

A: The safest way to cut something that small is by hand. You could use a fret saw or coping saw. If the pieces are thin enough you could clamp a straightedge in place and use a veneer saw, or possibly a razor blade.

You could possibly use a scroll saw, but only if you have experience with cutting things that small. Scroll saw blades are thin, but can still do damage.

Good luck.

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Jun 02, 2014
Cutting Triangles thinner
by: Charles from NE Mississippi

If you have a bandsaw, the blade will take a little more out than any of the other suggestions, but if you have a good number to work with and don't want to use a hand type saw, you can use a piece of double sided tape and tape the triangle to a larger piece of wood and cut them on the bandsaw without getting your fingers too close to the blade.

Again, good luck and most of all BE SAFE,


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