How is wood dust carcinogenic?

by Maya
(Princeton, IL, US)

How is wood dust carcinogenic?

A: My understanding is that if you breath the dust of certain woods it can be carcinogenic, but I'm not an expert.

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Jun 06, 2013
Wood allergies
by: cebuster

Several of the exotic woods like cocobolo, canarywood, zebrawood, and Bolivian rosewood do me very much like poison ivy with the rosewood being the worst. There are websites that go into it as far as you are willing to or want to read. I went to google and keyed in "wood allergy chart" and got a list as long as a well rope. Three good ones are:

The first one had a really colorful .pdf that was three pages long. Not much to do about the whole problem but wash your hands as soon as possible after working with any of the "killer" woods.

NB: I've also seen lacewood do a number on someone. He swelled up like a balloon.

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