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Chess and / or checkers game table for sale.

This table is great for those who like games. Of course, it also can easily be used as a side table.

I like to think of it as a way of drawing people into the game. The details are what set this board apart. The top / board is outlined with a walnut and maple border then framed with cherry. While, the drawer pull mimics the board. The drawer is divided in to separate players' pieces or to keep chess players and checkers separate.

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If you like the idea of the table, but it isn't quite right feel free to contact me to discuss custom work. Below are photos of a couple other tables I have made in the past. I also have jewelry boxes and other woodwork for sale.

Yes, there is a story behind the table on the left. It is made from mahogany and pine. my idea was to emphasize the difference between styles and stages. The pine side is put together with pocket screws.

Pocket screws are simple and plain. The joinery is straightforward. Using a specific tool I screwed the legs to the apron. One of the reasons pocket screws aren't used in fine furniture is because they visible from the bottom of the table.They also arene't as strong as other joints, but in this case that didn't matter.

The mahogany side of the table I made using traditional mortise and tenon joinery. That is a more difficult join to make, requiring several steps. It is invisable and strong and has been used for far longer than pocket screws have been around. I also added a drawer (half a drawer if you want to be precise) and stringing on the legs.

This was a great project.

The table on the right was more prosaic, made for a customer how was looking for a specific style and type of wood. Not a bad project, but not as interesting to make.

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