Cutting out space for clock works

by Chuck
(Salem, Oregon)

I am making a clock out of a large piece of wood. My question is what is the best way cut out the space that the clock works mechanism will fit down into? I need to cut out a space 1 1/4" deep.

Thank you for any help.


You could go about it in a couple of ways. If you like you could cut it out by hand. I have an article on cutting mortises for hinges that might help. You could use the same method for your clock mechanism.

Another option would be to use a plunge router. You would need to make a jig to run the router against, otherwise the bit would tend to grab the router and take it where it wants to go, not where you want it.

With either method I would recommend using a drill with an appropriately sized bit to rough out the hole so there isn't as much wood to remove.

Hope this helps. Love the curl in your wood. Looks like it will be a great clock.

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Jan 04, 2015
Agree with the router approach
by: Charles from NE MS

I have built clocks like that a good number of times and the router method works well. Don't get in a hurry. Make the cut with several different depth cuts until you have it the correct depth. I use that for making some of my high dollar solid mantle clocks. IE: All the way through one piece of 8/4 wood and down to the proper depth in the other piece before gluing the two pieces together.

However, I am not a fan of doing the drill press thing to get started. I think the router bit would grab on the pieces of wood left and besides, you want a smooth bottom to the "hole" you cut and you will surely break some of the smaller pieces of wood off making for a rough resting place for the clock movement.

Good luck and please post a picture of your finished clock.

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