Custom Gifts

I enjoy the challenge of making custom gifts. Boxes make great gifts, but it helps to put some thought into deciding what to order.

Below are some of the things I encourage customers to think about before deciding on what they would like me to make.

(If you already know what you want please contact me to order the piece. I will give you an estimate for time and cost and we can go from there. Or if you prefer to buy something already made click here to go to my Etsy site and see what I have available.)

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First I encourage you to think about the person. It's easy to pick out any old thing, but maybe you could be more original. Do you want something for a particular purpose?

Perhaps the person is into games, or needs a place to hold her / his fishing flies.

Maybe you are looking for something to help someone get organized.

Office, kitchen, workshop organizers are useful and beautiful.

Perhaps the recipient is more interested in something unique, with original lines or design.

Jewelry boxes make great gifts. Here you should again, think about purpose. Does she /he want something with lots of drawers or just a few? What size is appropriate? What about wood color or species? Do you want dividers or not?

The ideas for boxes are endless. Think outside the box (sorry, couldn't resist), after all kitchen cabinets are boxes also. Wouldn't a custom kitchen or a carved hope chest be a nice gift. What about a tooth box for your grandchild's (or puppy's) first lost tooth?

Maybe what you really need is a tiny box to say sorry about the stupid argument we had that went on too long for no reason.

Whatever your reason, the more thought you put into it the more likely the recipient  of your gift is going to appreciate it. So, feel free to contact me with your ideas, questions, wishes and we can discuss making you the perfect custom gift for your occasion.

Once you have decided what you would like you can contact me with your ideas. I'm always happy to help you finalize the design, or if you prefer, you can give me a general idea of what you'd like and I can present you with the design.

From there we discuss cost and timing. I require a down payment before I begin and it usually takes me several weeks to complete a project. I won't begin until we are both comfortable with the details. One of the great advantages of getting something custom made is that you take part in the process.

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