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"Creative woodworking" is a term that covers a lot of ground. I chose it for my business name because I love making a wide variety of wooden items. My specialty is wooden boxes. I make mostly jewelry boxes:

jewelry boxes

memorial urns for cremains

I also make quite a few urns and other memorial boxes for both people and pets. I started making them for myself and my family, but as with my business as a whole, it soon expanded.

I have made many boxes for pets and have recently started making them for human  cremains. This is a responsibility I take seriously and I discuss options with my customers until we are all satisfied with the design.

more creative woodworking

I also like a challenge. Below are some of my more original commissions, as well as a few ideas I came up with after being alone in my shop for too long (it happens).

This commission was for a bird house  based on a house that held fond memories for the customer. She sent me several photos of the place and I worked from there to make it as similar as I could. The top is removable so seed can be added or the whole thing can be cleaned.

Another  interesting job:

Imagine collecting harmonic cases. Not the harmonic itself, just the case. I was at a show one day when I was approached by a man with a string of cases around his neck and waist.

It was HOFF the harmonic case man. He came to my booth and commissioned a case shaped like the state of Vermont. He later came back for another. In the photo on the right the turned lid lifts off to the harmonic can be reached.

As you can see I enjoy my work. Feel free to drop me a line for more information about my business. You can also find me at the Montpelier Farmers Market many weekends. No, I'm not a farmer (although I do have chickens and pigs and do evening milking at a goat dairy), but the market has artisans as well as farmers.

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