Box Dividers

Okay, you've made yourself a box. Now it's time to personalize it with box dividers. You can do that in many ways.

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I like to add a cloth bottom as well as the dividers. The bottom is simply a piece of cardboard cut to size with cloth glued to it. The only tricky part is cutting the cardboard the right size and making sure the cloth doesn't bunch at the corners.

Making dividers isn't much more difficult. I go about it in one of two ways. If it's a small box or drawer I simply cut a datto in the sides before I glue up the box. After it's glued up I just cut a divider to fit.  

jewelry box dividers

This has the advantage of being quick and easy. The disadvantage is that you can see the datto cut into the side. If you like to be neater there's another way.

The second method is done after the box or drawer is glued up. I start by cutting as many strips as I need for the divider. Then I make half-lap joints on my table saw.

jewelry box dividers

I have a drum sander so I sand all the strips to the thickness of the kerf of my saw blade. That makes it much easier to cut the half-laps. If you don't have a sander you will need to use a datto blade to get the kerf you need.

Once the half laps are cut I drop the dividers into place and fitt the whole thing into the box/drawer.

If I want to add a ring roll I make one using pieces of foam. I cut the foam to size with a craft knife, then wrap each strip of foam with fabric. Then, I glue the whole thing to a piece of cardboard.  I like to make it snug so it fits into the box with the ends hidden.

jewelry box dividers jewelry box dividers

Just that small step of adding jewelry box dividers can turn your project from a plain box into something special.

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