Unique, one-of-a-kind (or should I say two-of-a-kind), spalted maple bookends.

They came about as do many of my projects....

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Once upon a time, long ago and far away I was digging through a pile of old maple. I just happened upon a lovely piece of wood. I had no particular use for it. But I snatched it up just the same.

Jump forward several years.

I was looking through (one of my several) piles of wood the  other day and came across this small piece of spalted maple that had been hanging around the shop for ages. (You should see the corners of my shop. I have many such pieces, all gathering dust. See photo below.) Periodically, when this happens I decide it is time to do something with the wood.

In this case the piece was too small to make a box and too strange a shape to make into a top. But, the wood was lovely and I couldn't bear to get rid of it. I thought about making it into veneer (cutting it  into very thin strips), but it was too fragile to cut as thin as it would need to be. So I sliced it into two strips.

I decided it would be best to attach it to a thicker piece of wood in order to protect the fragile edges. When thinking about what to do with it at that point I decided that a book shelf would be a great place to show off the details of the wood.

Below is a peek at -a portion - of my present wood stash.

Here is another unique piece of wood that I'm saving for a special occasion. It is buckeye with a knot in it shaped like a heart.

Some day I will have the perfect use for it!

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