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Wood Shop News #29 ornaments, goats and other news from around the shop
December 19, 2012

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In this issue:

  • chess box & turned ornaments
  • new and for sale
  • take a bow
  • on a personal note
  • final words

  • chess box & turned ornaments

    Sorry folks, I sent out an old (unfinished) newsletter by mistake. Here's the corrected version...

    What I started to say about the chess box was that I made a box with a lift out tray. When I made the box I routed a groove all around the inside just above where the first layer of dividers would sit.

    I then glued a thin strip of wood into the groove for the second layer of dividers to sit on. Then I made a second box to sit on the lip created by that thin strip, added dividers to that box and presto, lift out tray with dividers.....

    Here is a photo of the dividers. You can see how they are put together with half-laps.

    half lap dividers

    Here's the box as it is being finished.

    finishing a cherry box

    My other project has been to make turned ornaments. These are a lot of fun. I'll discuss turning in a future newsletter.

    turned ornaments turned ornaments turned ornaments

    New & For Sale

    I have my Etsy shop up again, so you can see some of what I have for sale here. (Like I said, I've been making ornaments!)

    turned ornaments

    on a personal note - goats

    So... last time it was calves. This time it's goats. Yes, I seem to be turning into a woodworking farmer (what can I say, I like animals). I've added a small (few hours a week) job milking Nigerian Dwarf goats for a neighborhood farm.


    I really like the farm. They make and sell cheese and other goodies. My job is to milk the goats. Here's a photo of the girls lined up for milking. Nigerian Dwarf goats

    That's the news from around the shop (and farm). Thanks for checking in.

    Final Words

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this ‘zine.

    Do you have ideas for future topics? Comments? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just hit reply and tell me what you think.

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