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The shop is in great disarray these days. The reason is simple. I am relocating.

My partner and I have decided we've had enough of the city, so we're moving to central Vermont (to a town of about 1400). It's something we've talked about for years and now seems the time. So, we're packing up.

I'm going to continue my woodworking business in Vt (and of course this website). However, I'll have a bit of a hiatus since I won't have a shop for several months. We are buying land and building. Our present plan is to build the shop first and live in it while we build our house. We'll see how that plan survives.

In the meantime, I thought I'd blog about the process of moving and building. If you are interested in the process read "on a personal note" at the end of this newsletter.

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  • routing small parts
  • new and for sale
  • NEW: take a bow
  • woodworking classes
  • on a personal note- moving
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  • routing small parts

    I made some narrow frame and panel doors not long ago. The stiles were too short to route with my miter gauge, so I used a small parts jig. To see how it works and to get tips on preventing tear-out, click here.

    New & For Sale

    Check out my Etsy shop for gift ideas.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to our upcoming move I'll soon be taking down my Etsy shop (until I get a new shop up and running). So, if you see something that interests you, now is the time....


    NEW: Take a Bow

    I've decided to add a new section for those of you out there who would like to share photos and/or comments about your own work. Unfortunately, I've yet to figure out how to add the actual form to this newsletter, so I have created a link.

    Click here to showcase your woodwork.

    Woodworking Classes

    on hold until further notice. But all you Vermonters, keep an eye out.

    on a personal note -moving

    March 20, 2011

    Today is the first day of our move. That's not really true, since we went on the market 10 months ago. But today we accepted an offer on our house.

    The first 6 months were mostly wasted time. We weren't a good match with our Realtor. I never felt as if she liked our house and it was hard to see how she could sell it. But we stuck with it for too long and other than week after week of open houses nothing much happened.

    After our contract ended we decided to hire a different Realtor. We did what we should have done in the first place. We interviewed people. We ended with someone we both like and who likes our house. He is enthusiastic, friendly and persuasive. He put us to work immediately.

    We painted.

    We redid floors. We tiled the kitchen. We cleaned. We rented a storage unit and got everything we could out of the house. That took a month or so.

    Thank you C & D for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you!

    That month was awful: hard work and pure chaos, especially the floors. We hired someone to do them - I didn't want to have anything to do with it. Then we took every stick of furniture we own and put it in the living room while he did the back rooms. We moved to a hotel for a few days (with our dog). Then we came home and reversed the process.

    What a difference a month makes. After the stager had her way with the place it was nearly unrecognizable.

    We had an open house and now, barely two weeks later we have accepted an offer and are under deposit. WOW.

    Meanwhile...... Last weekend we went up to Vermont and we finally found a place we could fall in love with. We have been looking ever since we went on the market ten months ago. Whenever we got to Vt we'd drive by various places and generally got to know what was available. We saw a couple places that weren't bad, but nothing that jumped out and said "we want to live here". Until last weekend.

    Then we discovered a beautiful 10 acre plot in the perfect area for us. It's not quite as private as I like, but it is gorgeous, on a river, beautiful views (although it was all snow, so we can't really tell what it looks like) and we hit it off we our neighbor's-to-be right away. So, last weekend we made an offer on the land and this week we sold our house (unless it all falls through and we have to start over again).

    What a week.

    Of course, we're not quite done yet. We need to have our house inspected and make sure the buyers get their mortgage approved. Then we have to do the same for the land in Vt. Once we're officially sold & bought we have two months to finish work (I have a vanity, an entertainment center, 6 cabinet doors and 4 desk organizers on my list), pack our house, pack the shop (I can't imagine how that is going to happen), hire movers and... oh yes, build a house.

    Okay, it might not all happen in two months. But our closing date is set for 8 weeks from now and then, if everything works out, we're going to be homeless until we build our new home.

    Stay tuned.

    Final Words

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