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    For those of you in the Boston area, I'm having my 5th annual

    Open House / Holiday Gift Sale

    Sunday December 5th, 1:00-5:00

    Shaker box making demonstration 1:00-2:00

    Sale items include: boxes, games, jewelry, kitchen items, clocks, keychains and much more.

    for more information: open house

    Hope to see you then,

    Pocket Hole Joinery

    A pocket hole is a hole drilled at a low angle allowing two pieces of wood to be screwed together. It’s useful when you wish to join the end grain of one board to the edge or face of another.

    pocket hole joinery Screwing into end grain makes a weak joint. Pocket holes allow you to screw from the end grain board into the face or edge grain, for a much stronger join.

    pocket hole joinery Pocket joinery is quick and easy. While it is not elegant, it’s strong enough for many applications. It's especially useful for face frames on cabinets, for instance. While I wouldn't use it for fine furniture, if you are in a hurry it can be a useful type of joinery.

    The only potentially difficult part of pocket hole joinery is getting the angle of the screw right. Special jigs are available in a range of prices and sizes to make it easy to drill the correct angle (below are a few options for sale at Rockler). Because of the angle you also need a long screwdriver to drive the screws. Otherwise it's simple as drilling a hole and inserting a screw.

    Mini Kreg Jig and KitMini Kreg Jig and Kit
    A pocket hole jig that fits right in your pocket, has a hardened steel drill guide and glass-reinforced nylon body with chip extraction hole. Check our kit which includes jig, pocket hole bit and stop..

    Mini Kreg Jig and Kit

    A pocket hole jig that fits right in your pocket, has a hardened steel drill guide and glass-reinforced nylon body with chip extraction hole. Check our kit which includes jig, pocket hole bit and stop..

    Mini Kreg Jig and Kit

    Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig with FREE Quick Change Kit! ($27.99 Value!)Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig with FREE Quick Change Kit! ($27.99 Value!)
    For a limited time only, get 500 FREE 1-1/4'' x 7 Washer screws (62220) with the purchase of a Kreg K4! ---

    Priced roughly $40 less than the previous K3 model, this full-service pocket-hole drillin..

    Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig with FREE Quick Change Kit! ($27.99 Value!)

    Kreg DB110 “Foreman” Semi-Automatic Pocket MachineKreg DB110 “Foreman” Semi-Automatic Pocket Machine
    If your production needs have outpaced a manual jig, look to the Kreg Foreman Pocket Machine to handle the job.

    Entirely electric - no compressed air needed! Lever operated, 1 second cycle time...

    Kreg DB110 “Foreman” Semi-Automatic Pocket Machine

    New & For Sale

    check out my Etsy shop for gift ideas. Or drop me a line and have something custom made.

    Also For Sale

    Woodwork For Sale
    Jewelry Armoire
    Shaker boxes
    Gifts Various Products from my Woodworking Store
    Cheese / Cutting Boards
    Chess / Checkers Table
    Wooden-box-maker recommends Tools and books of interest

    Contact me
    if you have questions or would like to discuss a custom order.

    NEW: Take a Bow

    I've decided to add a new section for those of you out there who would like to share photos and/or comments about your own work. Unfortunately, I've yet to figure out how to add the actual form to this newsletter, so I have created a link.

    Click here to showcase your woodwork.

    Woodworking Classes

    (Located S/SW of Boston)

    Learn new skills or hone old ones in small group sessions tailored to the individual. woodworking classes Classes are limited to 3 people and take place in my shop outside Boston. They generally meet once a week for 2-3 hours. The sessions go on as long as students are interested, a few months or a few years.

    woodworking classes As students progress, class becomes "open shop" time when they work on the projects of their choice while I answer questions and give suggestions as things come up.

    Individual instruction is also available.

    Click on the links below or contact me for more information.
    woodworking classes
    student work

    New Planet

    Gleise581 (artist's conception of planet and it's sun)

    Astronomers have recently announced the discovery of the first (second, counting Earth) potentially habitable planet. Located a mere 20 light years from earth, the planet is one of six that orbits a red dwarf star named Gliese 581.

    The planet was discovered by 11 years of close observation of deviations in the star’s orbit. Any deviation caused by the gravitational pull of an orbiting object is noted and anylysed. The technique, called radial velocity, can be used to determine the mass and orbit of planets around a given star.

    Other planets have been found that are similar to Earth, including Gliese 581c and Gleise 581d but in each case the planet isn’t quite right. Gleise 581g is in the “Goldilocks zone,” not too hot and not too cold, just right for an atmosphere and liquid water.

    Gliese 581g is roughly three to four times the mass of earth with 1.5 to 2 Earth gravities (making it tough to stand). It oribts it’s sun every 36 days so it is “tidally locked” meaning it doesn’t spin on it’s axis as earth does, but rather has one side always facing the sun and the other always dark. This means the actual habitable portion would probably be near the equator in the border between the dark and light sides of the planet.

    Gliese 581 is one of our closest neighbors (only 116 stars are closer) and one of less than a dozen that have been studied closely enough to determine if they have habitable planets. The ease of finding Earth-like planets practically in our own neighborhood, suggests that habitable planets may be more common than first thought. Possibly 10-30% of all stars could have planets with the ability to harbor life as we know it.

    However, before we get too excited and start preparing for a visit from ET, we should keep in mind that if anything resembling life does exist on Gleise 581g it will probably be closer to bacteria than intelligent aliens. Still, at a mere 20 light years away, it’s possible to imagine humanity visiting the Gleise system some day in the future.

    Of course we have to visit Mars first. mars

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