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  • jewelry armoire design
  • woodworking classes
  • new and for sale
  • in progress
  • on a personal note
  • final words

  • Jewelry armoire design

    I have been working on a jewelry armoire recently (it's another abandoned project I found while cleaning my shop). I had originally abandoned it because of sloppy joinery. Another reminder to always use a backing board when cutting box joints.
    jewelry armoire

    Once I decided to try and revive it the design happened as I worked on it. At first it was just the cherry box.

    jewelry armoire

    Then I added the walnut facing seen in the photo.

    My next idea was to add legs. I tried a couple different designs but settled on these.
    jewelry armoire The shape of the top was one of my student's ideas (tip 'o the chisel to Ellen K). I love the feel it gives the armoire.

    Then I added some doors and drawers. All that helped, but I didn't like the inside. So, I decided to add a mirror (more on that below.)

    Once I had the details to my liking I gave it several coats of oil finish. Presto, transformation complete.

    jewelry armoire jewelry armoire

    For more information see: (making a jewelry box and working on the details.

    Woodworking Classes

    (Located S/SW of Boston)

    Learn new skills or hone old ones in small group sessions tailored to the individual. woodworking classes Classes are limited to 3 people and take place in my shop outside Boston. They generally meet once a week for 2-3 hours. The sessions go on as long as students are interested, a few months or a few years.

    woodworking classes As students progress, class becomes "open shop" time when they work on the projects of their choice while I answer questions and give suggestions as things come up.

    Individual instruction is also available.

    Click on the links below or contact me for more information.
    woodworking classes
    student work

    New & For Sale


    Click photo for more information.

    Visit my sale page for new work and sale items.

    Or visit wooden box maker recommends for ideas on books and tools (category list top right of page).

    In Progress

    One of the things I needed to do for the jewelry case discussed above was to cut a piece of mirror for the inside. I haven't done much glass cutting, but this was certainly manageable.

    To begin, I laid out size I needed and marked my cut line. cutting glass

    Then, using the glass cutting tool, I simply scored the mirror, using firm steady pressure.

    cutting glass

    Go completely from one end of the glass to the other once. Don't go back over your line.

    Then, using the round knob on the end of the tool tap - gently - under the cut line on the back of the mirror. I also do the same on the front of the glass, but I'm not sure that's necessary.
    Then take the glass and - carefully - snap it at the cut line. It should come apart nice and clean with a little "pop."

    cutting glass

    I use gloves just in case, but so far I haven't had problems with this technique.

    "cutting glass

    On a Personal Note

    Liquid Breathing: jewelry box

    My newest research into odd factoids involves something called liquid breathing. Turns out we humans (as well as other mammals) can actually "breath water." However, despite what the films and books say, we're not yet ready to dive in.

    First of all, it's not really water and second, you'd better be hooked up to a special respirator or you're in trouble.

    Details aside, it is not only theoretically possible to breath liquid, it is being done in therapeutic settings. Technically, the procedure is called liquid ventilation: TLV for total liquid ventilation, or, PLV for partial liquid ventilation.

    The procedure involves an inert solution that is super charged with oxygen, yet also allows for the release of carbon dioxide. Not only has such a solution been found, but it has been around long enough to have it's own brand name ("Liquivent," produced by Alliance Pharmaceutical Corporation).

    jewelry box

    The solution holds up to three times more oxygen than air. It is introduced into the lungs of patients who are unable to breath air on their own.

    Thomas H. Shaffer, professor emeritus of physiology and pediatrics at Temple University School of Medicine, is a leading researcher in the field. He has used the procedure with patients who have acute respiratory distress, including premature infants with under-developed lungs and found that using liquid ventilation increases the chances of survival. More research is being done on both human and animal subjects in hopes of increasing the medical uses.

    As well as medical uses, it is thought that some day divers will be able to use liquid ventilation to allow them to dive deeper without worrying "the bends." Personally, I'd be happy to walk across the bottom of a pond someday.

    jewelry box

    Final Words and Errata

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this ‘zine.

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