DIY Woodshed

DIY Woodshed

I moved away from fine woodworking and did a bit of carpentry this summer, including making a woodshed to hold cord wood.

completed DIY woodshed

lean to, woodshed

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We started from the bottom and worked our way up. As with other woodworking, it is important to start with a solid base. The foundation must be square and level or nothing else will fit.

In this case the first step was to clear and level the ground where it would stand. Then the foundation was laid, using 4x4 pressure treated wood on cement blocks. The blocks were leveled using a torpedo level, then leveled in relation to each other as well.

The platform was added using 2 x 6 joists attached with joist hangers. After the platform was completed 4 x 4 corner posts were attached.(Okay, perhaps a bit of overkill, but this woodshed isn't going anywhere!)

We made diagonal cross beams for added strength and to prevent racking. Then we added more posts between the corners and connected it all with 2x4 top plates. The roof is made of 2 x 6 rafters covered with metal sheeting.

cross beams prevent racking

DIY woodshed

When complete the shed holds almost 4 cords of wood.

Fortunately, I wasn't involved in stacking.

measuring rafters on woodshed

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