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Sealing wood 
Q: My husband is making a lamp with a lighter wood base. What is the best way to finish/Sedalia the wood? A: There are many different sealers on …

How is wood dust carcinogenic?  
Q: How is wood dust carcinogenic? A: My understanding is that if you breath the dust of certain woods it can be carcinogenic, but I'm not an expert. …

woodworking tools FAQ 
Q: I am building bandsaw boxes and when I changed the blade the last time, I started getting ridges when I get at certain angles to the grain. …

more woodworking questions 
Q: I have a few questions to ask here about a project that I will be starting in the next few months. I did a lot of woodworking while in school and continued …

Can i glue a top on a box? 
Q: I am making a box similar to a sewing machine case, the box is the lid and goes over the machine and attaches at to the bottom. The box is 1/2" cherry …

Wood failure 
Q: My husband and I have a small woodworking business. We recently made a small buffet with a face front. It holds my cookbooks and small items. It …

post attachement to deck ledger board 
want simple sun shade for my16x20 deck,need posts on house wall to support the cross rafters,would like to bolt posts to deck ledger to avoid drilling …

walnut color combinations 
I'm building a book stand out of claro walnut and it is 44" tall by 21" at it's widest. The top is 21"X 24" and includes a shelf. I would like for the …

seams buckle when clamped together 
Q: I am making 2 step back cupboards,when I glue the pine boards together, with biscuits, and apply pressure with clamps, the seam buckles, or raises …

How to treat the finish on my bar at home. 
Q: I have 3 coats of Waterlox on my bar. It has a great shine and feels quite smooth to the touch. What is the best way to finish it now? Should …

Source for parts? 
Q: Hello ... Might anyone know of any sources for metal parts to build shelving or tables similar to these in the attached photo? This is a coffee table …

wood finishing FAQ 
Q: I'm pretty new to wood working but have general knowledge. As my first project I decided to sand down and re-stain, refinish a heavily worn coffee table …

woodworking questions 
Q: Hi, I am looking at making a special box. This box has crescent shaped cutouts on the inside of the lid. (pic attached). How do I make these cutouts? …

question about a pedestal i am building 
Q: i am making a pedestal for a washer and dryer that is 60 inches long out of 2 by 4s. the side boards are 60 inches long with (5) 2 by 4 cross …

repurposing old wood 
Q: I have the 2 sides to an old fainting couch. The wood is very ornate, oak, and in good shape. I would like to repurpose these pieces in any sort of …

Need help taking apart a headboard 
Q: We just purchased an Antiques Roadshow king bedroom set. The headboard is TOO big to move upstairs to the master bedroom. We want to know the LEAST …

Milling lumber 
Q: If you flat saw a log and end up with 200 board feet, what would you end up with if it was quarter sawn. A: Less wood ;) I have no idea …

Milling lumber 
Q: When cutting up a log for possible future sales, what are the ideal lengths and widths to mill them. I will be working mostly with white oak, …

How do you determine length of Lid Stays? 
Q: I have a secretary desk that has a front that flips down to use as a work space, the flap is 24" front to back. What length of flap stays do I need …

Wood cutting question 
Q: I have a little sign shop on Etsy. Up until now, I have done the painting, but relied on others to cut my wood for me - ie. Lowes and Home Depot. …

wooden dowels will not fit the hole I drilled 
Q: I bought 3/8" oak dowels but they do not fit into the 3/8" hole I drilled why? A: Unfortunately that isn't uncommon. Dowels are often only a close …

How Do I Level Legs? 
Q: I am currently building 2 benches for a picnic table (free standing). I have 2 2x8x6 planks on each bench and the legs are X type 2x4's with a half …

How accurate/precise do cuts have to be? 
Q: I am making my first project, and generally everything is going well, but I have made a few cuts that are about 1/16th to short. I was wondering if …

squaring a newell in place 
Q: How can you cut a stair newell perfectly square with it still in situ? A: That is a very good question. I don't know how you could do it. You could …

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FAQ wood and milling lumber 
Q: I have several plum and apple trees with around 15 four foot straight lengths of 8" or more in diameter and I plan to quarter saw them. How long …

about woodwork 
Q: Is the work piece guided accurately past the blade by the fence? A: It is important to have the fence parallel to the blade to guide the cut, but …

FAQ woodworking techniques 
Q: how many types of joints do we have in woodworking A: As many as you want. Okay, that's a nothing answer, but it's somewhat true. Wood can be cut, …

What size hole should I use for bench dogs? 
Q: What size hole should I use for bench dogs. A: Bench dogs come in different sizes. The round ones I've used have all been 3/4". I'd recommend getting …

glue up procedure 
Q: How would you glue an eight piece octagonal leg together? These are legs for a pool table; 8 inch in diameter by 26 inches long. Is there a jig? …

what do I need to build a box? 
I burn designs on wood boxes, but it's hard to fill orders when I can't find the right box. What tools / equipment do I need to build my own? A: Hi …

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